Recently, Pakistani Christians have experienced an unprecedented wave of violent pogroms, burning and looting dozens of churches, hundreds of homes, leaving thousands homeless and afraid, and many suffering violence, and murder.  Pakistani Christians are suffering severely, with no end in sight.  Their government barely lifts a finger to stop the violence, much less protect them. 

We don't know when the violence will stop and other than praying, and calling out the Pakistani government to stop the violence, there's little we can do from outside. 

But there's one thing we MUST do.  We must step up and provide financial support, generously.  We need to provide resources to help those who have lost everything, who are living in fear, and who need comfort from somewhere.  WON'T YOU PLEASE DONATE GENEROUSLY TODAY TO LET THEM KNOW THAT SOMEONE CARES. 

Through our ministry partners in Pakistan, we will deliver the resources needed most, to those most impacted.  

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    $100 - Provide basic food staples for a family for a week
    $250 - Help replace a family's clothes, toys, and belongings
    $500 - Buy new bibles to replace those burnt and desecrated
    $1,000 - Help restore a home that's been burned down
    $2,500 - Help rebuild a church to serve the community
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