On October 7, Hamas massacred more than 1200, injured thousands and kidnapped hundreds taken as hostage. Israel has suffered barrages of thousands of rockets and missiles fired at Israeli communities creating death, damage, injuries, fear and trauma. The security threats, deaths, injurues, and trauma are at a level unseen in years. We need your prayers and support.

Join the Genesis 123 Foundation as we stand in the gap to provide emergency needs including civilian security, soldiers' welfare, those suffering trauma, care for at-risk youth, people whose homes have been destroyed, emergency medical needs, and the victims and their families. 

Every donation of any size makes a huge difference.  Please join us today. 

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    $50 - Replace toys for children whose homes were destroyed
    $100 - Counseling and therapy session for survivors of the October 7 massacre
    $250 - BBQ for a unit of soldiers
    $600 - Urgently needed civilian security equipment
    $1,000 - All of the above, together
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