Prayer is God's currency. When we pray to Him, Jews and Christians together, it gladdens His heart. As we join together this May 15, the Global Prayer for Israel will not only do all that, but bring a positive tone to a day on which Israel's enemies curse Israel, calling its establishment a "catastrophe." 

You can put action behind your prayers by donating here today, whether as a sponsor before, or to bless Israelis of all backgrounds after. 

All proceeds from the Global Prayer for Israel will fund projects through the Israel Emercency Campaign, making the biggest impact with the greatest integrity. 

Join the Genesis 123 Foundation as we stand together to provide emergency needs for soldiers' welfare, strengthen the most vulnerable at-risk youth along the Gaza border, provide civilian security needs, advocate for ALL the hostages to be released, build networks of support for Israel around the globe, and much more. . 

Every donation of any size makes a huge difference.  Please join us today. 

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