Immigration to Israel is not just about changing addresses but a prophetic return home. 

Over the decades millions of Jews speaking dozens of languages have returned from the four corners of the earth and God promised, the ingathering of the exiles.  The elderly have dreamt of this all their lives, young people look to start their lives anew, and children are given a gift of being grought home to build their future.  The blessings are abundant. They arrive with endless hope for the future, and grateful to be home. 

But there are challenges too. Learning a new language, acclimating culturally, finding work, making new friends, starting school and more.  Things as simple as opening a bank account, grocery shopping, visiting the doctor, and doing homework become challenges. Even stressful. 

Jews returning from Ethiopia, Australia, Russia, Europe, and North and South America need our support.  

Please join us to help them get settled, to build their lives anew, to be part of the Biblically promised return, and to establish lives fillled with success and blessings. 

    Welcome back
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    $25 - Give a welcome home hug
    $50 - School books for a child
    $100 - Holiday welcome home gift basket
    $250 - Appliances to set up their new home
    $500 - Hebrew language emersion classes
    $1,000 - Job retraining for adults
    $2,500 - Scholarship for a student
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